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Oz Karasu

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Random personal life

Created by Frankenstein as an initial, unsuccessful attempt at creating life, Oz Karasu was released into the streets of our society without instructions or purpose. He wandered for years in the dark alleys of London to understand human behavior before finally succeeding in passing himself off as one of them.

Oz Karasu was a musical prodigy until one night where a ninja broke in his house and all his limbs. Bad luck right ?

Frustrated by his meh musical skills, he is forced to turn to computers and mistreat them to play music in his place. (you can even hear their screams of agony in some of his early works)

Music history

The invention of music is precisely estimated to have occurred long before Jesus Christ. The oldest musical instrument ever found is the Neanderthal flute, carved from a cave bear bone, at least 50,000 years old and discovered in the Divje Babe cave in Slovenia in 1995.
Oh, you wanted Oz Karasu's music history ?

In 2005, Your mom (or was it a friend from his TTRPG club) commissioned him to create some pieces of music to set the mood for an online gaming forum with vampires. One of these pieces still survives today and is featured on his debut album: Bü to the Bone, released in 2007.
Thus begins Oz Karasu's completely insane career.

In 2009, he composed an ode to love with the album Only the End, which unfolds all the stages of a love story from the perspective of an obsessive person. Psychosis, hallucinations, dementia... It doesn't end well.

In 2010, a role-playing game author commissioned him to create the unofficial soundtrack for his upcoming game, WarsaW (John Doe editions). Set in an alternate history where World War I never ended, Warsaw is plagued by the power struggles of Nazi and Soviet armies. The album perfectly depicts the oppressive atmospheres of the city's besieged ruins and the breathless chases for survival.

In 2012, Oz Karasu returned with Karmic Apocalypse. The album takes us to the boundaries of mysticism and mechanics. It musically and graphically illustrates the epic battle between a dying rusty God and the dazzling machinery that gradually replaces him.

In 2013 and 2014, Oz Karasu set himself the challenge of composing one track per week until completing an album. The three harvests of Depresso Club proved to be an ideal playground for him to test new sounds, new atmospheres, to remix old tracks, and a few hairy covers.

What's Dark Speed Ambient Style

Dark Speed Ambient is a dark electronic musical style with fluctuating tempo and heavy resonance. Perfect for accompanying any activity where a heavy atmosphere is required, such as plotting against all humanity, collective suicides, or even worse, tabletop role-playing games.
It grabs you and pulls you into a world where rust and burning steam resonate to an obsessive mechanical rhythm.
It pushes your imagination to its limits.
Some pieces, where evanescent layers replace industrial rhythms, leave you without reference, without anything to hold onto, plunging you into an abyssal tribal trance.
The whole thing recalls the body's archaic heartbeat and respiratory rhythms. Like a rusty mechanical mantra, the repetitve rythms immerses the listener in a deep trip where not everything goes smoothly.